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In, we respect your privacy and undertake to protect your personal data obtained through the online forms on the webpage with due care in accordance with the Slovenian Personal Data Protection Act and the Rules on Personal Data Protection.
The indicated documents govern the processing of personal data, the procedures and the measures for their protection as well as the responsibility and control in the data processing procedures.
The user of the webpage is informed and shall agree, allow, that . will use his personal data in his favour to inform him about the novelties and business benefits, to contact the user and to prepare the offer, and that . may use his personal data (including the e-mail address and/or telephone number) also for the purposes of everyday marketing research, monitoring of habits, adjusting the offers, profiling, segmenting, interviewing, statistical data processing and carrying out other types of marketing and business analyses aimed at improving the offer and the user experience, mainly for the purposes of direct marketing, communication and information on commercial actions and novelties contained in the offer or of sending such notices as well as for other similar purposes, and to inform him, up to the cancellation or for 3 more years after the termination of a business relationship, about the offer, novelties and benefits, to submit to him the magazines, brochures and other advertising material on the entire offer of and its associated companies, by using different communication channels, such as telephone, personal mail, e-mail, MSG and alike. When submitting the data to the company by confirming their entry into selected contact forms, the user agrees that the company processes the indicated data in its database for the above-mentioned purposes.
Furthermore, the user shall agree that the may submit the obtained data to companies, with which it is associated in a capital, contractual or another way or with which it is in the process of association, or to companies that are members of the same business group of companies, and to persons authorised for the representation and submission of insurances and investments, or to third persons having a legal basis for the acquisition, processing, submission or keeping of personal data. The indicated recipients may process the data within the framework of the authorisation for the processing of personal data at the disposal of in accordance with the applicable regulations, personal consent of the individual or contractual relationship, and of the authorisation given by to individual recipient - inter alia also for the purposes of direct marketing or information on commercial actions and novelties in their offer as well as for the purposes of communicating with you. The transmission of data is voluntary. The user of the webpage is aware that he may request the discontinuation of the use of his personal data from the for the purposes of direct marketing, defined in this statement, at any time, by submitting the de-registration on the electronic address
The user of the webpage takes note of the fact that each individual has the right to access, transcribe, copy, supplement, correct, block or delete the personal data relating to him in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1), except when this right is limited by the applicable legislation.


The content of the webpage was prepared for the user in a deliberate and careful way and in accordance with the professional standards of the company Its purpose is informative as well as educational and therefore, bears no responsibility for any mistakes in the content or correctness and accuracy of the published data, which could occur due to the time discrepancies, entry errors or other unforeseeable causes. Furthermore, bears no responsibility for the form and content of the data obtained through hypertextual links, not owned by .  reserves the right to partially or entirely amend or delete the content of these webpages, regardless of the reason and without prior warning. All users use the published content on their own responsibility.
The content on these pages does not represent the recommendations for the purchase or sale of financial instruments nor does it represent the offer or invitation to offer the purchase or sale of financial instruments, but is rather aimed at informing the public about the services of and the developments on the capital market. Past profitability of financial instruments is not an indicator of future profitability. shall not be held responsible for any poor functioning of webpages and shall not be liable for the accuracy and completeness of the published data and shall not assume any responsibility for potential consequences arising from their use.
The content of this webpage is informative and educational and intended for a wider public. Therefore, it does not take into account the experience, financial possibilities and purposes of individual person, as regards the investments in financial instruments, which could substantially affect the content of this webpage under unchanged other circumstances, and it is prepared and communicated only for the purposes of informing and communicating the range of services of the The investments in financial instruments are associated with risk and therefore, the awareness of all forms of risks related to the investments in financial instruments is a prerequisite for the creation of a suitable investment decision. As regards the data relating to the past performance of an individual financial instrument or service, it is worth recalling that the past performance is not a reliable indicator of a future results. You should consult a financial expert prior to the decision on individual investment.
The content of this webpage is a commercial communication in accordance with Article 212 of the Slovenian Financial Instruments Market Act (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 67/2007 with amendments; ZTFI) and does not fulfil the conditions applicable for the investment research.  will do its best for the smooth functioning of this webpage, but cannot be held liable for any plain damage or lost profit or non-material damage, which could be caused to the user by poor functioning of the webpage  may change the webpage at any time without prior notice.

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This webpage contains links to other webpages allowing the user to exit this webpage and see the material owned by other persons. shall not be liable for changing, updating or monitoring the content on such linked webpages. The fact that this webpage offers a link to some other webpage, does not necessarily include the consent, authorisation, sponsorship or link in connection with this webpage, its owners or offerers. The use of online information and relying on this information bear certain risks. Thus, calls on the visitors to familiarise themselves with these risks, before they use or rely on such information.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The visitors of the webpage agree that the national law of the Republic of Slovenia shall apply for the use of this webpage and for the interpretation of these rules.
The Court of Justice in Ljubljana shall have the jurisdiction in any disputes in connection with the use of this webpage.

Compliance with the legal notice

The access to the webpage means that you agree with all limitations and conditions indicated here. By continuing your visit and using the contents on this webpage, you agree with these rules.