What is the financial health score

The financial health score is a worldwide innovative and totally new way of measuring the health and soundness of your personal finances. With the financial health score, you will obtain a perfectly clear picture of your personal finances in only one score. The test covering all areas of your personal finances, will verify how financially healthy are you and how sound your personal finances are. The test is easy, transparent and understandable, even to those who don't understand the financial slang.



How can I help myself with my score?

On the basis of the completed interactive test, you will receive a personal financial health score with a pictorial review of the soundness of your personal finances.

You will receive:

  • A financial health score showing you the soundness of your personal finances at a glance
  • A simulation on how your current decisions affect your future
  • A 360 report on the current state with concrete advice
  • ethical, credible and transparent measures to increase your score and financial health


The test is suitable for any individual, since it is tailored for different life situations, career stages, income and current needs and wishes.

We recommend that you update your data whenever your life circumstances change (change of income, new employment, marriage, birth of a child, borrowing, divorce, etc.), and to make smart financial decisions with regards to the changed life situation.

Personal finance quadrant

Personal finance quadrant

There is no comprehensive, vivid and easy personal finance scheme on the market, on the basis of which a person would know how personal finances should really look like. Thus, a person cannot imagine, what personal finances are, what do they include and why is their management so important.

Financial institutions present many content for individual areas of personal finances in a dispersed manner, but do not present a comprehensive and simple solution to the individual, that would include all areas of personal finances and present a comprehensive financial state of the individual. This is because the financial institutions mostly represent only the field of personal finances, in which they can place their products held currently in their portfolio.

This is precisely why we have developed the solution "Personal finance quadrant©" that represents an innovative and comprehensive perspective on the management of personal finances. We present personal finances to families or individuals in a "360 degree" view.

The financial health score is based upon the Personal finance quadrant©.



How does the financial health score work?

Register and answer the simple questions and obtain your financial health score today. Learn how to manage your finances and how close you are to your perfect score - 100 points. Determine where you are and where you need additional help.

The financial health score was developed on the basis of our many years' experience in the field of counselling and management of personal finances. The advice you will receive, is driven by an innovative, complex, robust and copyright protected algorithm that is based on professional standards of the financial industry and numerous surveys and studies.

In the framework of the presentation of your results, we have maintained a high level of expertise, eliminated dullness, which is characteristic for the financial world, and added a lot of fun.

How do I know, the recommendations are suitable for me?

How do I know, the recommendations are suitable for me?

All your activities are based upon the highest standards of competence and ethical codes. All financial experts under the aegis of 360finance.guru are committed to monitor the possibilities on the market in accordance with this code all the time and to suggest only solutions that are most sensible and useful for the users.


The 360finance.guru team is a group of high-level experts in personal finances and investments. It consists of experienced and credible personal financial advisers, advisers in the field of personal asset management and financial analysts.

We decided to develop this application, since there are too many unethical practices and financial advisers in the field of personal finance.

By using our application, you will obtain sufficient financial literacy and education to recognise the right solutions. With the received report on your personal finances, you will find out which solutions are appropriate and suitable for you.

Our mission is to raise the level of financial literacy and culture of personal financial management. Our values are embedded in trust and focus on the client's needs, we respect the ethical codes. We do not use direct or surreptitious marketing and do not promote consumption patterns.